2048 EMPO Edition

2048 EMPO Edition 1.1.7

+++ EMPO has adapted the famous 2048 game with its own image, where you can hear the best electronic music.

Play 2048 and listen to the best electronic music with EMPO


We’ve combined the famous game 2048 with EMPO styling where you can listen to the best electronic music

You can listen to any song from the CONTACTO compilation while you try to obtain tile 2048

How to play

Slide your finger (up, down, left, right) across the screen to move the tiles

When two tiles with the same number touch, they join to create a new tile with the sum of the two previous tiles

When the tile 2048 is created, the game is won! Although you can continue to try for an even bigger tile

Thanks to Gabriele Cirulli

Enjoy the game!

2048 EMPO Edition


2048 EMPO Edition 1.1.7